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The Economizer

Our company is always attentive to the requirements of the market. It has resolve a problem of the water consumptions of refrigirators' cooling systems.
This method is catagorized in three main goals:
- economic, because high cost of the water;
- supplying, because of the restrictives of the local entities;
- ecological, for not to disperse a precious water resources.

The Economizer is made of stainless steel with printed and plastized surface for easy external cleaning.It is adapted for the installation in every alimentary production process.

The electric control panel is installed on the front of the Economizer, which is made to supply the water necessary to cool the refrigirator equipments without electronic modifications of them, neither in the valves or the inner pipages. This is particular for to respect the EC norms.

Thanks to the professionality of our company, we supply post sale's assistance to the customer. Also abroad, we often collaborate with the course of their own activity.

Eliminate water consumption
Piccin economizer completely eliminates water consumption in the city supply-network by creating a close-circuit re-circulation with the many refrigeration units, thus avoiding wasting water and thus being environment friendly.

Very easy installation
Piccin has devised a solution to make the installation of the economizer easy- from its introduction and positioning in the laboratory up to its connection and the connection of the outgoing and incoming circuit by means of flexible rubber tubes or pipes.

Reduced and compact size
the economizer is a compact machine, complete with everything inside, thus occupying limited space. Great efficiency in small space: a machine that synthesises in its name its own qualities.

High efficiency
thanks to the high efficiency heat exchanger, it cools the water returning after use (with an average temperature of 35C) down to 18C. That is the reason why external uses succeed in keeping their original performances and yields.

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