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- The economizer can be installed in two different versions:
o Monobloc version
o Remote condensation version
- Its introduction and placing in the laboratory are made easier by the nylon wheels with brakes the equipment is provided with.
- It is to be connected to the power supply.
- For the version with inside condensation, it is necessary to canalize the air expulsion foreseen over the machine by means of a hole towards the outside of the premises.
- For the version with remote condensation, it is necessary to place the air condenser outside and to connect it to the economizer.
- It is important to connect the water load necessary only for filling the circuit, where an automatic load and air valve is already foreseen.
- The outgoing-and-returning water-cooling circuit is to be connected to the refrigeration plant by means of rubber tubes or flexible pipes; if more than one, it is necessary to foresee two distribution collectors.
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